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Vancouver Wedding Photography| Why are Vancouver Wedding Photographers so expensive

In an age where everyone has a digital camera many people feel they can hire just anyone to photographer their Vancouver Wedding, and they question why are Vancouver Wedding Photographers so expensive? Here is a basic cost breakdown for a typical eight hour Vancouver Wedding. Typically a Vancouver Wedding Photographer meets with the bride and groom several times b[...]

Ayesha and Abeed-Vancouver Weddings

Ayesha and Abeed-Vancouver Weddings
I was honored when Ayesha and Abeed asked me to photograph their wedding, it was to be my first Ismili wedding and it proved to be an amazing experience. The ceremony was took place at the Ismili temple in Burnaby followed by a quick portrait session at Deer lake park, a whirlwind wardrobe change and off to the reception at the fabulous Westwood Plateau. Congratulatio[...]

J’aime Paris!

J'aime Paris!
Recently I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris with two close friends and fellow photographers Libby and Kari, we wined, dined and shopped our way through Paris, hitting major monuments and galleries along the way. To top off our trip we were lucky enough to photograph this amazing couple Michela and Stephano.  More paris pictures to come. xo [...]